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Lunchtime Walk on the Canal

I’ve started dabbling in poetry this year. I blame Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton, because I think good art makes me want to create.

Lunchtime Walk on the Canal

Sun rises high in the sky; time to walk
Elevator slow, let’s go! I need out!
Every step my concentration’s bedrock
The canal—dyed blue—my favorite route
Mallards tuck their iridescent heads. I gawk
Long winter, late spring; will anything sprout?
The sun shines on my head and in my eyes
The joy of movement alone the best prize

So many causes, so many colors—why blue?
For organ donors, I find, curious
With the ducks, geese, is the dye like glue?
Geese stand on one leg, seems precarious
Ducks float still, giving not a clue
Tulips, hyacinths—spring is victorious
Blue dye tendrils infiltrate the river
Invisible below the surface shining silver


4/26/2018 Taken from pedestrian bridge across the White River


Care Instructions

I’ve started yoga this year with my daughter, and have found some great fat yoga teachers online, specifically Amber at Body Positive Yoga and Anna at Curvy Yoga.  I subscribed to Anna’s email list, and I so enjoyed her post about her own care instructions that I was inspired to create my own.

April’s Care Instructions

Make sure to read, write, and walk at least every other day.  Doing all three every day is optimal.  Eat meals regularly, and don’t forget the broccoli and kale, because you will crave them if it’s been too long since you’ve had any.  Don’t forget to have hot or iced tea every morning, because you need the caffeine.  You can have another caffeinated drink with lunch if you really need it, but don’t overdo it because too much caffeine feeds the chattering extrovert.

If you’ve had a lot of meetings during the day, make time to do some yoga, take a walk, or relax alone before making dinner.  You really do need to get to the gym to lift weights twice a week.  You need to create those endorphins for your mental health–don’t persuade yourself that you don’t. If you’re going to schedule being out in the evening, try not to be out more than two evenings in a row, or you are likely to melt down and ignore everything in favor of an introvert hibernation / pajama day as soon as you can.  Take the time to have an orgasm at least once a week (falling asleep on yourself before you’re done doesn’t count!), and get to bed by 10 pm most nights.

Be sure to create often–write, crochet, or cook something new.  Limit the time on your phone scrolling through the news and your feed.  Try not to look at Facebook unless you’re standing up, otherwise you may hyperfocus and be stuck scrolling and reading for an hour or longer, and there are better things to do with your time, like writing or reading an actual book.  If your daughter persuades you to watch TV with her, don’t watch more than 2 shows in a row without getting up off of the couch.

If you feel scattered or restless, it’s OK–it won’t hurt you to feel those things.  But take a walk or sit down with a pen and open up your journal.  Even if you just write down the random thoughts going through your head, there is value in getting them out of there and onto paper.

Be gentle with yourself, and as kind as you would be with your best friends.  You’re doing the best that you can, and that’s good enough.