Writing Project 2014 Update

Sometime in late 2013, while I was figuring out what step to take next in my writing, I decided to take parts of a memoir I had started, and make a second draft.  Taking Seth Godin’s advice, I set a “shipping date” of December 31, 2014.

I figured out a process for each chapter, and set a schedule.

Life intervened, and work has become much more stressful over the past year.  I don’t have as much space in my head or energy for writing these days. But I have been plugging along when I can.

The schedule has been changed several times, but I am happy to report that I have one chapter left to edit, and it is only 8 typed pages.  And eighteen days left to finish!


2 thoughts on “Writing Project 2014 Update

    1. bbwesquire Post author

      The editing of the eight pages is done, but of course I’m finding things I need to add to transition! But I’m plugging away at it. It will get done by the 31st!


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