Writing Project 2014 Update

It’s September, and I’ve completely blown the plan to have a draft of what I’m calling my “relationship memoir” done by June 1. But I haven’t given up on the goal of getting a draft done by the end of 2014.  

At first, at the beginning of the year, I separated what is written into twelve chapters and made a schedule.  The schedule went out the window after doing three chapters.  Chapter 4 required a lot more writing to fill in the gaps.  Even though I started it in February, I didn’t finish it until August 10th. (No excuses, but my day job got exponentially busier, leaving a lot less room “in my head” for writing.  My kid also transitioned to middle school, and I’ve had difficulty resisting the siren song of my phone and social media, which require little brain power or effort beyond a swipe of my finger.)

So I re-worked the schedule, and added two chapters, making a total of fourteen.  In August, I had four chapters done and ten chapters left to do, and my goal with the new schedule is to be done by November 30, 2014.  I met my first deadline for the next-in-line chapter on August 24th.  Five of fourteen done!  My second deadline is tomorrow, September 7.  I have four big scene/topics to write, and I’ve started on the editing, so I still have a lot to do.

I still like the general process: Edit the pages I already have; list additional scenes; write additional scenes; type in edits.  I tend to get bogged down in the writing additional scenes. So many things come up when I’m looking at what I’ve already written.  It really is true that the first draft is just the scaffold that a writer uses to build the book, and as you go on, revising and writing, you are making a stronger and stronger structure.  

Enough here!  I could be writing those scenes I’m avoiding!



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