To Skip or Not to Skip?

When my daughter was 4 or 5, I used to sometimes leave a store with her and skip, hand in hand, to the car.  We’d both be giggling by the time we got there.  Try it–you almost can’t skip without smiling.

I vaguely remember skipping with my Dziadzia,  (sounds like JAHJ–it’s Polish for Grandpa) hand in hand, maybe when we were walking home from school.

I remember the snazzy hat he would wear to church, and his heavy shoes and dark work pants.   He had retired from being a refrigeration mechanic.  He was a slight man, but strong, and he had a fringe of white hair around his head, a mustache, and glasses.  And he had a great sense of humor.  Maybe that’s why he was willing to skip. He didn’t care what anyone else thought.

But I wonder…why don’t I see anyone skip any more?

I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone else skip.    People run, and walk, but I’ve never seen anyone skip when I’m out and about.  Do we all worry so much about what other people think?

There’s not even a proper wikipedia entry about skipping!  Google did come to my rescue, though.  At, you can read about the “worldwide skipping movement.”  I didn’t know there was such a thing.

I tried to persuade my daughter to skip with me in the hallway at the KFC Yum! Center during the intermission of the American Idol Tour concert last week, but she was not interested.  She has unfortunately started to care about what other people might think.

After I skipped for a bit, when she caught up to me, she said “Why didn’t I record that?”  I kind of wish she had.

Since it’s my right to embarrass her just by being me, I think I’ll have to skip more often, just to show her that it’s all right to put yourself out there and do what makes you happy.


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