Book Review: The Icarus Deception

I should subtitle this post “I (puffy heart) Seth Godin” because I just finished his newest book The Icarus Deception and was enthralled.  I’ve already reserved three more of his books at the library, despite the usual 2-foot high stack of books in my to-read shortstack.

Although my taste in books is eclectic (see My 2012 in Books), business books aren’t typically my thing, and I’ve never read anything he’s written before.  But The Icarus Deception is so much more than a business book.  The title comes from the problem with the Icarus myth, that we don’t hear about the other warning made to Icarus–not to fly too low.  So instead, we’re all afraid to spread our wings and fly.  

Godin is a true motivational writer.  And he’s effective–I’m writing here two days in a row, aren’t I?  Because I’m trying to do what he suggests–put my art out into the world.

If you’re at all intrigued, you might want to check out his blog, too.  I’ve subscribed–I don’t want to miss anything he says!


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